Terms and Conditions

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11 Pearls Media was established to serve the clients by following business ethics and works in a professional way by leveraging the best quality services to them. Being a committed firm, it ensures not only a competent work but also make it flawless. We have been serving in this industry since long and demand equal commitment and transparency from the client and when any client signs on a dotted line with us, he agrees to Terms and Conditions listed below-

  • Contractor relationship is established between both the parties which mean between 11 Pearls Media and a client.
  • It is not meant for an indefinite period and will last only till the stipulated period of appropriate service cease to exit.
  • The date of commencement and finish date of agreement will be clearly mentioned and it will be signed by both the parties.
  • Both the parties can’t take the service of a different service provider without giving a notice period of 10 working days.
  • 11 Pearls Media reserves the right to sublet a task(s) if it is deemed fit to do so.
  • For any work to be carried out by 11 Pearls Media, the client is required to pay full amount at the time of signing the agreement. The provision of partial advance payment is also available but is subject to conditions.
  • 11 Pearls Media can’t be held responsible under any circumstance for any losses that are consequential or have emerged due to unfavourable circumstances that are beyond the control of 11 Pearls Media.
  • The role of 11 Pearls Media is restricted to extent of the production of content, both online and offline and any claims arising on account of losses or damages that might arise to the client can’t be held accountable to 11 Pearls Media.
  • Payment can be made through cash, debit card, mobile wallets or any digital mode in Indian currency only.