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Have you ever come across any press release or are keen to know what purpose can press release offer to you? If these questions make you anxious or you want to explore the field of press release more, then most of your questions will be solved here and you stand to gain more clarity on press release.

It is a modern day tool which is used by the service providers like us to create awareness not only about the brand but also its product. It is an effective tool especially when it takes form of press release marketing and is particularly successful in cases where a new product or a service is to be launched by our client. It becomes lethal and is useful when our client is intended to launch new application.

We at 11 Pearls Media believe that press release marketing can do wonders in case of new associations, partnerships or new start-ups although press release marketing comes handy in case of highlighting milestones of an established firm too. Like any other industry, public relation is also evolving and is becoming a challenge. We are the ones who assist in publishing press release through our various sources only when we have a substantial proof to do so.

Our credibility in the market is such that it directly addresses the needs of the consumers. As a digital marketing agency, we also make sure to align it with search results to get the desired results. Besides, in some cases, we give priority to the links to have extensive coverage for the client as it ensures better ranking for the client. As a caution, specific landing page is given a special preference and a fact that can’t be denied at any cost is the selection of the keywords. It is the selection of keywords that drives revenue for you as it is directly dependent with the words used by the firm’s client to search on the digital platform and enable maximum ROI.

Thus, if you are a start-up firm or want to publicize any newly launched product or service, the services of press release marketing from 11 Pearls Media will enable to transform it.