Do you want your brand to have a Bollywood celebrity endorsing your commodity or becoming your brand’s face? Every brand before establishing itself has a vision to attain maximum reach and having a celebrity endorser can add perks to your reach. We offer you a platform where you could have the best of the celebrity managers to get associated with in order to publicize your brand on a large scale.

Film branding involves brand’s association with the upcoming Bollywood Blockbusters where they get to feature as a brand partner of the film. This brings them humongous recognition and amplifies their sales. The brands can have a picture or byte of celebrities in their Print/TV Campaign and also can get their logo in the beginning of the movie they are associated with.

Benefits of movie-branding involves:

  • Become the official partner of the movie
  • Increase your sales
  • Brand logo in the beginning of the movie
  • Official right to use star pictures/bytes in your ads that include Print, Radio, Outdoor or TVCs
  • Top management gets to meet the Stars face-to-face
  • Get your brand associated with thousand crore club movies