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As a digital ad agency, 11 Pearls Media familiarizes you how digital advertising is impacted with the advent of smart phones excessive usage, they are going to tell you how the industry of digital advertising is impacted? Gone are the days when a mobile phone was only used only for calling purpose.

Now, times have changed, and almost everything is possible using mobile phone. It is possible to access social media sites, access mails, shopping, listening songs, watching movies, and paying the utility bills on a smart phone. The app culture of a mobile phone is also catching fast, and virtually everything is possible using app too but one has to download it prior to its use. There is a transformation taking place in life of people with internet enabled phones as it helps them to stay connected with relatives, and friends who are based miles away. Thanks to the reviews provided by the consumers regarding their purchase. It basically guides the prospective consumers as this helps in changing the buying perception of the prospective consumers. A retail industry which is enjoying good status in the market needs aggressive marketing where a role of firms like 11 Pearls Media comes into play. Actually, it plays a pivotal role in digital advertising where product is required to be marketed online on an extensive basis.

With excessive use of smart phones in almost every segment of various industries, and this is where digital messaging, and push messages come into play. You must have received promotional messages from various corporate daily. For few consumers, it acts as a ready reckoner as it helps to know the product and service offerings of the corporate better. The consumers who want to know more about the firm subscribe to these push messages while there are customers who are not interested to get these push messages can subscribe out of this service. Firms quite often prefer to create digital advertising campaign where the role of a digital ad agency like 11 Pearls Media becomes significant.

Thus, a smart phone has emerged as a powerful medium for digital marketing opportunity to give wings to your favourite brand, and has complemented digital ad agency like 11 Pearls Media well, thereby boosting revenue for the client.