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Welcome to the fascinating world of graphical design by the firm popularly known as 11 Pearls Media. A graphical design is not just any idea. It speaks volumes as it conveys many things without speaking a word. A special emphasis is given to a graphical design in the industry in today’s scenarios as the needs of the people are dynamic and evolving.

11 Pearls Media understand that graphic design is important for every type of business. The dimension of business does not make much difference when it comes to graphic design but is particularly important in case of start-up firms; it is significant as these firms try more to establish a brand identity in front of the consumers. It does not really mean that the established firms or big firms do not require graphic design. Before going on further, it is vital to know what graphical design is all about ?

A graphical deign is a strong visual communication with which a message is conveyed by a sender to his audience with which it wants to connect by integrating various interesting components like words, images and so on to have a long- lasting impact on a client and will be a delightful experience for the client.

By creating a graphical design, 11 Pearls Media not only assures to enhance sales but also propels market to be conversant with the client’s strong presence in the market and establish health professional business relations with goodwill of the client establishes in the future. Being in a digital era, out task of graphic becomes a cumbersome task as our work is not just confined to digital arena and goes beyond it. It can be evidenced from the fact that we have a strong presence in print and broadcasting as well.

Various software like Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and so on are used by 11 Pearls Media to deliver excellent graphical design. A feasible and viable graphical design presented by the team of graphic designers makes sure to present graphic design which is clean and attractive too which not only helps to create image which is professional and an aspect of creativity is added too. While creating an aesthetic graphical design, the various components like color, shape, texture etc. are given special preference as they are the one’s those distinguish between ordinary graphic designs and extra ordinary graphic designs.