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If you think logo is just a graphic, think again as it is the medium with which a firm can connect with the audience. It won't be wrong to say that on one hand it enhances brand and on the oher hand, it helps to connect with the consumer. At 11 Pearls Media, we understand the significance of logo design and therefore we offer services of logo design. With our services of logo design, you not only connect well with target audience but also enable the logo to be prepared which is in synchronization with the needs of the business.

You will be surprized to know that target audience is a vital consideration while creating logo. Unless you connect with the target audience for whom products are manufactured, you can't survive in the market and the sustainability of the firm can be only visualized on the papers. In addition to this, some attributes like age, language are also important and can keep the target audience hooked to the firm.

The digital era has transformed the way to do the business. It applies here as well as we at 11 Pearls Media create logo for our clients which can be compatible with multiple devices like desktop, laptop or even mobile phones. Gone are the days when logo was restricted just to visiting cards, letterheads.Today scenario changed and online presenceof logo has become important. It makes sense to fit the logo in the various frames as well as screens for which logo has to responsive. If the logo is not responsive, it can't adjust itself with various resolution of multiple devices.

Logos are created by us in coordination with the branding of the firm as both are inseparable in today's scenario. It makes a direct impact on the consumer's mind and due to this image, colour, typography becomes important. We prepare logo that is not stuffed with too much text yet it is creative and catchy. Moreover, the logos are intended to depict the purpose of the firm.

Thus, logo design is a vital element for sustainability of the business.