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At 11 Pearls Media, we provide service of live streaming videos and this write-up will acquaint its readers about why live streaming video is catching up fast and why it is increasingly becoming important among the clients?

Some of you might be amazed that it is not a new technology but the presence of technology that made it available to everyone is the attribute that makes it more attractive. Another aspect that works in its favour is that it is not as expensive as it does not require the client to spend exorbitantly on hardware as well as software. Thus, with its help and our support, the client can easily connect with the target audience and can be easily afforded by small business houses as well.

In simple terms, live streaming of video means sending the content online. It is available to the end user in a compressed format and one can have a glimpse of this live streaming video on real time basis. Here the end user is not required to download it completely. Rather, it can be viewed through a compatible player. It is not required to be downloaded completely first because it is visible in form of packets. It is the source media where the content is captured followed by encoding as well as publishing solutions and subsequently the video is transmitted. The role of content delivery network comes into play due to which the viewers are able to view the content.

Since it is cost effective and highly engaging, it is becoming a highly favoured strategic tool for marketing nowadays with which they can easily connect with the audience. Although there many sophisticated apps available in the market that can help you with creating live streaming video apps but the professional assistance through 11 Pearls Media will give you an edge over your competitor.

Thus, live streaming video is a tactical marketing weapon used by the digital marketing firms like 11 Pearls Media to boost revenue for the client.