The glitz and glamour of the Film industry reflect a bright side of fame and popularity but there are people behind the screen who are working day and night and not letting the shine fade away. These superhuman creatures are known as celebrity managers who gather all the limelight and give a spotlight to their brand. We at Eleven Pearls strive to deliver you top-class management where you get the A-list celeb bandwagon to choose for your respective brand and endorse their product with huge recall and recognition. We are linked with top PR services of the country where we can directly pitch the foreground celebrity managers for co-branding and film associations. Our PR professionals enable a wide field for various agendas for the celebs to look forward to that includes their event planning, media appearances, press conferences, brand endorsements, film signing, digital presence, strategic PR management, grooming, sports coordination etc. We act as a bridge between the brands and the celebs acquiring their necessities into our services and providing them with complete solutions.