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Everyone is nowadays fascinated with app development but what is this app development and how is it going to augment the business? People are spending countless hours on mobile phone or tablets having several apps; each catering to specific requirements like downloading songs, playing games or an app related to education, browser app and so on. You will be surprised to see that if a phone user is heavily dependent on apps, then every task is possible only through app and not through website on the particular mobile phone. From the perspective of app development, 11 Pearls Media are engaged in creating an app in such a way that stands out distinctively among its competitors. With each passing day, apps keep on increasing at a tremendous rate. Before launching an app, we make sure that it is 100% accurate and ready for display. Some important attributes for an app development are icon of the app, description of the app besides proper promotion as well as marketing of an app. We are here to present a valuable write-up that will list the precautions that we follow while making any app ready. Foremost attribute is to optimize the app for app stores.

Another attribute is ‘app install ads’ which adds distinctive value to the app where a proper campaign is created. It is intended to showcase unique selling proposition of an app. Being a social buff is very important in today’s scenario especially for the client’s growth as the technique like hashtagging comes handy in this regard as it serves the purpose of audience engagement.

The third attribute is app store algorithms which helps to assess that how popular is the app? Another technique that is usually deployed is of incorporating the feedback mechanism and rating for the app due to which the popularity of an app increases among target audience. Thus, it allows converting prospect to the customer based on the reviews provided by existing consumer.

A popular technique that gained importance of late is a tracking mechanism. The basic functionality of this technique is to track how many times is app installed? It also gives an overview regarding which tool of promotion is working your way and which is not working in your favour?

Thus, one has to incorporate latest means to run business with the changing times.